Blueberry Equipment

Our equipment is also great for growing and managing blueberries



RINIERI Bio-Dynamic for Blueberries
The new Bio-Dynamic product line is designed for fast inter-row weeding  for organic weed control with working speed up to 7 mph.

Available in single and double sided.

Bio-Dynamic Brochure



The new Bio-Dynamic Duo: Efficient–gets the job done twice as fast.






Here is another video of the Bio-Dynamic working in a vineyard, but the same machine is ideal in orchard, hemp or blueberry applications.


CRV – trimmers



RINIERI Trimmer for Blueberries–Model CRV
4 blades per side, 3 sides, for 12 blades total!
Faster, clean cut, efficient!
Our machines are innovative, quality built and affordable.








Trimmer ORPL