About Us

Rinieri is one of the largest manufacturers in the world for orchard and vineyard equipment.  We are the only manufacturer with such a broad range of machines – including multi-tool ground working equipment (model Velox), Turbo blade, pre-pruners, de-leafers, trimmers, and flail mowers, etc.

History runs Deep

Rinieri is a family owned business from Italy with its roots beginning nearly 100 years ago when Olinto Rinieri started in the profession of blacksmith.  Now Carlo Rinieri along with his wife and 3 grown children carry on the business along with 40+ employees.

Broad Range of Specialized Equipment
Rinieri manufactures a range of 70 machines with more than 250 models which we develop in our design department using cad3D and engineering calculations and manufacture over 1700 machines each year, all of them inside our factory in Forli, Italy.

Quality and Innovation
When orchard and vineyard owners and managers see Rinieri equipment run, they are impressed with the quality and innovation of these machines to do exactly what is needed to keep their orchards and vineyards producing efficiently and pristine.

Direct from the Manufacturer to the Dealer
To be more efficient in our marketing and cut costs for the end user we market directly from the manufacturer to the dealer if at all possible. In some areas where the market is too large, we do use an importer. Dealers, don’t let importing from Italy scare you– Rinieri’s freight broker takes care of all the transport and documentation– from Rinieri’s door to your door. We also prefer to work with local dealers in the markets to train and support the end user.

North American Presence and Marketing
While being present in the U.S. market for nearly 20 years, in 2014, Allen International joined as the North American office and Grant as the NA Territory Rep for Rinieri to bring it to the growing vineyard and orchard market in this part of the world.  Mr. Allen has worked with Italian farm equipment manufacturers for more than 32 years. From visiting with dealers to help them understand and market our machines to going out in the fields with the dealers and farmers to demo and teach about our equipment, Grant loves the variety of his work that takes him all over North America meeting wonderful people along the way.

Teresa works in the office helping things run smoothly. With a background in graphics she also works with creating ads, signs, website and other advertising media. She will occasionally travel with Grant for trade shows and to visit our Rinieri dealers.

For more information you may contact Grant at:
email: Rinieri@allenintl.net
phone: 1-801-794-9774
fax: 1-801-794-0554

Grant and Teresa Allen of Allen International with Nicola Rinieri at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY.
The Rinieri Factory- located in beautiful Forli, Italy.