Rinieri specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative orchard and vineyard equipment, all of which is ideal for the ORGANIC market.

Our large line of specialized equipment is innovative and niche with a large range of models to get each job done exactly right and efficiently.

3 Different Multi-Tool Machines
to Fit YOUR Needs!

ONE machine . . .
8 Different Tools! (TurboEVO)

Maximize your ground-working options–
Choose your model AND your tools!

NO other manufacturer offers the option to change out your heads to maximize the versatility of your equipment.

See the video below of the TURBO EVO to see the “power harrow” tool in ACTION!

This vineyard was cultivated with the Rinieri Turbo– Cultivates grass and weeds without harming the vine or root.

Please see our orchard and vineyard equipment pages to see models specific for these applications.


RINIERI video compilation of machines we make for the vineyard, orchard and blueberry market.